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Sunday, June 15, 2008


One of the few Italian blogs I read every now and then is that of CAFE CREATIVO of Anna Drai, her blog is eclectic unlike the majority, and she often provides links in her posts of things she has found whilst surfing the arts and crafts sector on the web . She always shares her work and findings with everyone EVEN THO she says she doesn't harldly understand English as stated in her comment on my comment page, strange that most of the links are from English spoken / written webpages !!!!!!!!!!! boh !!!

Also misdirection often happens with some of the comments I leave on the other blogs so................BLEH!!! ..............why bother , if I write in Italian they don't understand because believe me my Italian is awful !!! if I write in English MIDIRECTION occurs !!!! which sometimes leads to hissy fits!!! so...... bleh..bleh...bleh................away from the negative and back to the positive...oops got sidetracked here a bit.....

In her latest post she talks about the ZAKKA STYLE, she has also written an English explaination of what it is, so hop over to her blog and read the explaination, the links she has provided and look at her photo mosaics referring to this style.

But you know what this means now.......... here we are gonna be ZAKKAR'D !!!!! blogs here will be zakkarooed !!! you can only have so much of a good thing and now it will be OTT time...!!!

we are being gesso'd and acrilic'd here so I suppose hey one more fad won't make much of a difference !!!! .

So thanx Anna for being so eclectic and sharing new things with us all, even tho' you don't speak or understand English.!!!!


JUST BE...................BE individual, BE yourself, BE connected, BE challenging, but for me
2b ME.


AnnaDrai said...

Grazie Joan! Peccato che capisco poco l'inglese, mannaggia a me! ora provo a tradurmelo con un programmino hihihihi
Ormai scrivi questi kilometrici post... ma io mi limito ad ammirare le tue creazioni! lol

Fata Bislacca said...

Ciao Joan, grazie per essere passata da me. Sai, è solo pochi giorni che sto lavorando al mio blog, mi diverte molto ed ho ancora molto da mettere!!!! Devo impadronirmi del mezzo informatico e scattare fotografie ai miei lavori e poi.... Complimenti per i tuoi! Non me la sento di leggere tutto ora, anch'io, come Anna non capisco bene l'inglese, ma quello che fai lo trovo stupendo. Posso inserire in futuro da me un post con il tuo link e qualche immagine di ciò che fai??? Non hai scritto da nessuna parte qualcosa in italiano a proposito del tuo lavoro???? Intanto buona serata e a presto, Cathy

zarinaia said...

Ciao Joan! Grazie al commento che hai lasciato sul mio blog scopro il tuo! Mi piace e mi piacciono i tuoi lavori!
Lo sfondo nella foto della giacca bianca non è un quilt ma un dipinto a tempera. Anch'io trovo che abbia dei colori bellissimi!
Ciao e ancora complimenti per i tuoi lavori.
A presto.

barbara said...

your italian might be funny a littlebit but your kindness and creativity speak more than any foreign language...