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Saturday, June 14, 2008


I have become more drawn to some special American artists, espciallythe one and only suzi blu , as I am becoming more and more deluded with my world here and I think my muse agrees with me as she has started to lose her inspiration too.

Not only does her art inspire me but also her way of thinking and her philosophy in general which she regularly writes on her blog.

Here is what caught my attention on her latest post :_

Everything is possible if you open your mind and heart to it. Say yes to what you want and BLEH to any and all negativity. Even if it's really neat and dressed up as reality. Pay special attention to that..
The nice thing also is the comments that are left by her readers not only do they have a good word for Suzi but they are there as a support to their fellow artist readers, as Suzi shares so openly this obviously has reflected on her gruppies as to say.
Now I'm going to find the courage to write more what I feel and think and not worry about what people think or misinterpretate. a blog is also for freedom of personla speech and emotions too, no ?
Just love that word BLEH.
So I'm saying BLEH to the old and negative......... YES to the new and positive.
bye for now


Marevan said...

Dear Joan, I agree with you completely !! YESSSSSSSSSSS

crafty said...

only problem Lara Dear, sometimes we are out numbered by too many BLEH's !!!

serendipity said...

shame I didn't realise that friends can be your worst enemy in disguise !!!!!
so more blehs