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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I've met some horrible people in my time, in person, on the phone, on-line, internet etc , ok I admit I'm not perfect myself, but who is !!!. Seems to me that it's getting more widespread as well in recent times, seems to be the norm that there are more people who are egositic, bossy, threatening , false , profiteers , glory seekers etc and that they will go to any lengths to get what they want or revenge .
Just recently I had an encounter with the WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST, here a person jumped to conclusions and was verbally threatening in writing, needless to say I didn't retaliate as people like this don't deserve the time or day with an explaination. If they had some good common sense they would ask first in private and not jump to conclusions publically, as we say in the UK assume = ass you me !!!
Think I will start an award up called THE WICKED WITCH AWARD, instead of all these nice awards for nice people and nice work ecc how about for all the wicked people.............I do of course include myself in this !!!!! LOL. think I will award it now to the abouve mention WW of the east . I'm not going to mention names just situations.

But what has just happened to S, a friend of mine across the seas is just horrible and down right WICKED,seems she is experiencing all what I said above, she just doesn't deserve this and hopefully the outcome will be in her favour. If we think we have problems we should look around because there is always someone worse off than us, instead of thinking what is a problem when it ain't and having some hissy fit or crying boo hoo
This ATC 'HELPING HAND' is for this week's challenge THINK MONDAY THINK ATC, theme HANDS.
I'm dedicating this to my friend S, as I wish I could be near her to give a helping hand



zammù said...

peccato che capisca un decimo di quello che scrivi!!!!
Lavori sempre intriganti, i tuoi: ti ho assegnato un premietto virtuale. Quando vuoi, passa dal mio blog!!

barbara said...

le tue considerazioni ahimè sono più che giuste, per fortuna ci sono sempre persone che vale la pena di conoscere e della cui amicizia non si può fare a meno! la tua atc è stupenda, e quando mai no???