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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I decided to do an online art course with the one and only SUZI BLU, as I feel I have the need to improve my artistic skills. I'm so glad I decided to do it, the lessons are well presented in simple English and I have made so many greyt friends.....nice friendly atmosphere, where nobody assumes they are better than the others, those that do know more give helpful advice to those less fortunate and everyone is so willing to share when they find out new things, something I've not been used to lately.

I have not been blog surfing here for a while now as I'm enjoying myself too much outside of here, and don't miss anything as I've seen most of what there is to be seen here anyway and I feel so much better for not doing so. There are a few beautiful butterflies I flutter by to visit everynow and then, but there is one thing that puzzles me is as to why do some beautiful new butterflies uncertain how to fly are so delicate, but once they have learnt how to become proficient, or they think they are !!! become heavy and not so beautiful catterpillars ??? Why can't they stay beautiful butterflies and be free to fly instead of catterpillars all plodding along to become permantly cocooned. This butterfly has decided to break free and be free , free to be who she wants to be with hundreds of other butterflies all fluttering around free and happy together, not to be cocooned and suffocating to break free to fly.

This wicked witch of the east still speaks her mind but has decided to become more the good witch of the east as she's in a better place, she no longer has the need to visit the other wicked witches of the north, south, east and west better to leave them in their own toil and trouble, and scratch each others eyes out along with their evil spells !!!!! BLEH... BLEH... BLEH.. to them all, this witch is off now starting down her journey along the pink brick road.

off to do my assignments for my course.


crafty Joan


crafty said...

perche sei una vera amica e non mi lasciare di fare una brutta figura tutto da sola !!!

serendipity said...

another caterpillar has joined the rank !!!!! but this one it's difficult to understand which is the face, maybe 2 !!!!! definately has a face of a AS****E