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Friday, July 30, 2010

'Matrioska', this is from a mixed media workshop kit that I bought. I still have to finish it , so far I've done part of the background on a wooden panel using vintage book text, tissue paper from the kit, I added some white cellotape, gesso, acrylics, homemade glimmer mist spray, rubber ink .I made sure that I didn't put any paper layers under where I'm going to put the matrioska so she won't be showing any lumps and bumps from the paper layers. I still have to glue the matrioska onto the panel, once done I will do a little bit of rubber stamping and when I finally get round to finishing it I would like to use some cheesecloth and paperclay on it to add more depth to it so it won't look so flat.

I also have to finish the matrisoka. I didn't use the pencils in the kit as I just couldn't work with them I just didn't find them creamier enough to blend well as I could see my colouring lines and were smudging the ink lines on the matrioska, so I used my old faithfuls prismacolor and derwent drawing. I was first introuduced to prismacolor when I took my first online course with Suzi Blu a couple of years back and for me they are just greyt for coloring, shading and blending so creamy soft.

I get my prismacolor pencils from here 1buy1pencil .

Once I had finished colouring, blending and painting I put acrylic gesso on the back of her as a protective layer, dark colours don't bleed through and also to help adere better with the gel meldium to the background layer.

Hope to finish this soon otherewise she just may become another UFO.......a darn bad habit of mine....
have a greyt weekend


barbara said...

OMG you are sooo creative!

zammù said...

l'ho fatta anch'io, questa matrioska, ma il risultato non è certo bello quanto il tuo! Ti è venuta benissimo!!!