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Sunday, March 07, 2010


Combination of organza, nappy liners, acrylic paint and freestyle sewing.
Nappy liners are heated with an iron or heat gun in some areas until they start to melt, then painted and then freestyle sewn onto the organza.

To see in more detail click on images, as you can't really see them all that well on the above scanned images.

Not finished as I still have to add one or two layers of chiffon and then some more freestyle sewing.
learnt this technique some years back by a Janet Clarke, definately need to play more on the fibre art side of life.

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zammù said...

sfondi magnifici! ci voglio provare, avevo tentato qualcosa di simile con il tulle sintetico dei confetti, ma l'effetto che hai ottenuto tu mi piace moooolto di più!