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Friday, March 05, 2010


I decided to take part in this daily project by Amy on the blog 39 squares she has set up for this project. As she's celebrating her birthday she decided to do 39 squares, I've decided to do mine as 51 squares to represent each year of my life .....let's hope I finish.

I have tried embroidery on many different occassions but am a very bad embroiderer, even my sister-in-law in Sicily a professional embroiderer who embroiders bed linens, towels etc for a living, has tried to teach me but unfortunately without much success, the problem..............I'm too heavy handed and these delicate looking stitches look as if they have been strangled by me !!!!! I'm Ok doing stitcheries as they use very basic stitches.

So after seeing this project on Amy's blog I thought 39 little 1" X 1" squares will be a greyt little project to do without feeling over whelmed, doing a little square each day.

I'm into the world of fibers at the moment, have let my mixed media slump a little as after many years of doing it, I feel I need to go in a new direction for a little while.

I've posted days 1 - 5 together as I started a little late.

ciao ciao

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Jill said...

Your squares are wonderful! I like your color scheme-- so pretty! I'm stitching along in California and having so much fun! Looking forward to seeing your future squares--