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Friday, May 08, 2009

SUZI BLU the one and only.

You either love her or hate her and I just adore her, she speaks her mind you either accept it or not......... it's your decision. Just love what she says about BLOG GIVEAWAYS, and it's exactly what I do too.

Go to her website and watch her video, 365 day 26, I couldn't agree more with what she's saying............if you don't understand then I'm afraid it's just ......TOUGH LUCK !!!!!
In fact I agree with 99.9% of what she says.

What she says about kissing anyones ass, not putting up with anything, speaking the truth, art from the heart, say from the heart, don't have to play the game to get anywhere, do it all yourself , etc , etc, etc ......I couldn't agree more, and if people don't like what I say or do BLAH to them, I have to and that's what counts !!!

Even day 27, really hit home, last year I didn't like the person I was becoming so I decided that I needed to change who I was , so I said BLAH to the situation and BLAH to the negativity. It's not easy to change your lifestyle just like that, it's like stopping smoking, at first it's difficult as you are stuck in that bad habit, but each day improves until you get to where you want to
and that bad old habit is out of your system for good, just like throwing away the packet of cigarettes, I cleared myself of the clutter that I had around me too.

I like SUZI, I like who she is and what she stands for, you get no shite from her and what I admire most of all is she speaks the truth, says it as it is from her point of view................. boy If I did this here I'd get lynched, hung drawn and quartered,...... I'm already classed as a class A witch.!!! LOL


crafty joan in Italy

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