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Saturday, May 16, 2009

My guru and art friend SUZI BLU is now becoming popular here in Italy ( la febbre di Suzi blu ) and I am so pleased for her. Her online workshops are just greyt , not just teaching art but she also does self healing talks which really gear you up. I hope that they will learn to love her as I do, not only for her art and her originality but also for her open mind and frankness when talking, if they don't it's just......TOUGH LUCK !!!.

Not everyone accepts it when people are to the point ........why do people get upset or take offence?????.......could it be that the person speaking has said the truth ????? and we all know that the truth can hurt, or do they just prefer giving to taking ?????
We hear but we don't listen the majority of the time, we look but we really don't see, and we should really look at ourselves first and utmost rather than slagging everyone else off ( also to others), maybe we would take less offence by doing this and realise that sometimes it is true.
I just love Suzi, she's such a greyt person one day I hope she comes to Italy to do a workshop so I can meet her in person.
Nice to see blogs with suzi blu art popping up and have to say so far they have made just greyt art.
all my whimsy galz ATCs in the below posts have been inspired by miss suzi blu but as encouraged by her I have tried to find my own form/style, and now can draw one of these galz in a matter of minutes.....................thanx suzi without you don't think I would ever have done it.
have a great weekend

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