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Sunday, June 08, 2008

IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE !!!.......BUT I HAVE MY SUZI :) :) :) and all my challenge blogs

I don't know what the arts and crafts world is like where you live and if it's the same as where I live but it's a real dog eat dog world. Who wants to be the best, who wants to be the first, who found something before the others and many a time the original creator is never mentioned !!! At times I have just wanted to jack it all in as I feel I have been taken for a ride with my generosity of wanting to share and teach others along with others here: I have been helped by kind generous sharing people and I like to do the same .
The say what goes around comes around... how many old techniques from different sectors are now being used in new sectors......... real artists, never get a good mention or even a mention...........now for me that is unfair as many of them have been kind enough to show and share their ideas with us.................some of them years ago.......no wonder artists are known as starving artists !!! lol . Also even if there is copyright many times it's not respected. Where have the good ol'days gone !!!

I have never studied art and don't class myself as a good artist. I found one young artist on the web mainly on you tube with her VLOGS and wow.............what a gal what an artist and she is so cool and really helpful and shares her world and engourages you to bring out the artist within you...............who is she .....................she's the one and only SUZI BLU. Go and check her blog or website out and watch those Vlogs.

Now she is what I call an artist, not like a lot of those I know who think they are but aren't.......half of them aren't even creative just, what they say in the scrap world, do scraplifts, which is now all the rage where I live, scraplits, atclifts, journalifts., face lifts , tit lifts....if it can be lifted they lift it!!! LOL
Well hopefully with Suzi's encouragement I will eventually find my own style and to hell with all those who are scratching each others eyes out with their daily battle to be the best etc since I found Suzi it doesn't mean anything to me anymore, she's made me realize what is more important..................you are important and you are capable and don't let anyone tell you differently as she says. Hopefully I will become more creative with the passage of time.

you have opened up a whole new world to me

I am also participating in many challenge blogs which you can see on my list of links ...also here WOW have seen so many great mixed media artists they too are a true inspiration and help.....THANX TO YOU ALL TOO.

this is a definately get it off you chest post today !!!!!



suzi blu said...

you are such a sweetheart.
so i have the wrong link to your blog, this is the one then?

LaaLaa said...

wow Joan... I absolutely agree with you, you know, and Suzi is the best around for sure!!! go straight on your way :)))))

Simona Gargiulo said...
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cata said...

Wow! Joan this is a great post!!!!
You have been working in your art so many years and I always see you as an artist with "A".
Thank you indeed for stopping by blog!

Illy said...

Ciao Joan, provo a scriverti in inglese...
I agree with you, sometimes I need someone to remember me that...
I found Suzi's videos on last saturday and I fell in love, too! Wow! And I can understand a lot of what she says... I wish I could understand english better! (and write better).