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Thursday, June 12, 2008

CATZ 'The PURRFECT family'
contribution to make a moo or two , this week's theme CATS.
If I say 2 + 2 = 5 , what do you ASSUME by this meaning ??? would love to know if it means the same in your language as English write me in private. Will be useful to use in my future English lessons.
oh I better explain myself the reason I've written the above !!!!!
the key word is misinterpretation.
Was watching the film SWORDFISH with John Travolta and Hugh Jackman last night, for about the umpteenth time, and it always fascinates me what John Travolta says about the illusionist Houdini and misdirection. How do these illusionists , today I think it's David Copperfield, trick us into believing something which isn't and also right before our very eyes, how do they trick our brains to accepting the illusion??? I think it's something that we do everyday, we LOOk but we don't SEE, we LISTEN but we don't HEAR, therefore we assume about something when it is not , we misinterpretate things., I think it's the same in writing , people read between the lines and we automatically send these signals to the brain.
How many times do you automatically assume ??? ....for example on a supervisor training course we were given a form asking for personal imformation , we automatically started filling in the information required and when we got to the bottom of the form it stated DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING !!! Not one of us had read the form through first. This taught us all not to jump straight in and assume , read and think through carefully first, be it in writing , on the phone, or any situation. I try to do this most of the time if I'm not sure about something I will always try to clarify things first.....especially as I don't understand 100% the language where I live and its double meanings , I pressume it's the same for non mother tongue English speakers as well. How many times do we see advertised special offers in big writing and off we all rush to buy without reading the small little print underneath only to get there and find it's not what we thought !!!!
What Houdini said was misdirection I think that what we do is misinterpretate, seems these days we are all to much in a rush to not see or hear in depth and just assume...... and sometimes this can reflect badly with a bad outcome hence 2 + 2 = 5.
Has this happened to you lately and what consequence...good or bad, funny or sad.?
oh another question BLOGS why do you keep a blog , to express yourself verbally, artistically, to show your Vlogs ecc ecc '
seems mine got me in a little bit of bother lately ........oops...........misinterpretation of what was written!!!! without clarification, but then it happens to us all sometime or other ....Maybe David Copperfield should create an illusion on me.....no not disappear, although many people would wish this ..........to make me look 30 years younger and fitter. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and to speak at least 4 languages fluently...... LOL.
What illusion would you like created on you?
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